Short duration, low cost, high impact: Upskilling for your staff!

We are a network of home based internet educators and facilitators who offer the small business operator an opportunity to keep pace with changing technology, work practice and innovation that will assist with increasing bottom line profitability.

How does it work?

Either individually or as a team, we collaborate to identify and address knowledge gaps and troubleshoot (a Tick for the short duration criterion - above).
We also provide cost effective practical solutions to enhancing communication, collaboration and productivity ( Tick the low cost & high impact imperatives).

A firmer understanding of Google or Microsoft business productivity platforms will take a client a long way! With these integrated skills, one will be able to:

  • Create & maintain a low-cost website

  • Be more confident with cross-platform management software such as trust accounting, property management systems, bookings, point of sale marketing & innovation

  • hold dynamic workshops, transferring these skills to staff and getting feed back

Some examples:

  • optimisation - word processing; graphics; data storage and retrieval

  • mentoring to create and deploy a simple website to be managed "in-house"

  • print/merging of compliance documentation that is continuously vetted

  • Set up for working from home - managing multiple email accounts/profiles

Give me a call (see below) or make a no obligation 20 min. appointment.

Your business software impasses are common, there is a pathway suitable to your budget.