Interview and Induction

We offer a Scope of Services for either: (i) a client negotiating an Assignment Transfer or (ii) a conditional Body Corporate approval for a Management Rights caretaker agreement.

The Interview

I/we tutor for the interview through practice sessions and role playing - research issues and provide appropriate strategies to overcome potential impediments.


Through mentoring I prepare for empowerment. An adult learning and cross cultural management background facilitates this process.

I work with a client to understand that a business model needs to focus on best practice that creates an ethos of harmony and collaboration within a Community Titles Scheme (CTS). I re-inforce what are best practices so that at interview a client can articulate confidence in an ability to perform.

In short - I educate. This empowers and engenders bilateral confidence.

The image below depicts how we use Adult Education insights that enhance the learning process - to motivate and inspire:

The Mantra:

"I do it normally, I do it slow. we do it together ... then off you go"

A unique online Knowledge Base underpins competence and potential. It is a means of "applying" generic issues/solutions to CTS specific situations. It acts as a Road Map.

Committees can be confident that this type of professional intervention provides enduring support in terms of sustained service delivery in caretaker and letting activity.

Fit for Purpose Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Management is part of methodology