Digital Transition

Transition to 'Fit for Purpose' systems

It is our experience that: (i) most key documentation relevant to Management Rights is in PDF image format and (ii) Managers-in-transition retain legacy systems that are outdated and non responsive.

My associates and I mentor clients in processing selected material into digital content in order to better facilitate Communication, Collaboration and Compliance . It is a form of protection against under performance.

We demonstrate the efficacy of business productivity tools - how they can create:

  • Working Documents - for simultaneous editing; reformatting; translation; quoting; synthesizing and presentation

  • Intranets - for internal and public use that both "inform" and "educate"

  • Website Domains - designed to maximise the above outcomes.

Other benefits are search, storage/paperless processing and integration with any cloud based platform for trust accounting - wherein property management tasks and statutory responsibilities can be 'accommodated'.

If not already online, we work with a client to package any or all of the following in a customised format branded to the client's corporate profile:

Working Documents

  • Deed(s) of Assignment

  • CMS - By Laws

  • Duty Statements

  • Reporting Schedules


  • Resident/Lot Owner Handbook

  • Emergency Plans

  • Fire & Evacuation Plan; HVAC operations; Advisory Notes

  • Strata Community Interface

Responsive Websites*

  • Logos

  • Floor Plans

  • Image/Text

  • Corporate font; sizes; colours

  • online portal advertising

  • Flyers/Directions


Outdated website design is a "turn off" for mobile phone users

Market research indicates vacancy enquiry is initially by mobile phone.

If a website does not allow for layout compatibility one simply loses.

Google's New Sites web template based feature is easy to learn, intuitive and can assist creativity and productivity (see above)

Google's algorithms synchronize with Google NEW SITES.

In short there is a comparative technical advantage to users of responsive website technology as it applies to search engine rankings and end user satisfaction criteria.