We maintain two domains: (i) WiFIT (Consultancy) (ii) RUM Support (a Knowledge Sharing Initiative)

Paul Malone

As former front line service providers to bodies corporate, we understand the interface between asset management, accountability, business productivity and residential strata community living.

Our experience in guiding Resident Unit Managers (RUMs) to embrace "Service" related aspirations has led to tangible business outcomes including garnering good will with stakeholders and value adding at Point of Sale for all lot owner/investors.

Involved in Management Rights since 1997 - Resident Unit Manager Holiday, Permanent, Corporate Letting complexes (list provided on request).

This "Hands On" experience is underpinned by a holistic approach to:

  • Compliance - audit, privacy, tenancies, by laws, OH&S, care taking/leasing

  • Risk Management - development of procedures manuals

  • Human Resources Development: Best Practice, Change Management, Client Relations Management (CRM)

  • Trust account/reservation systems

  • IT - Passionate about communications networking, content management websites, wifi solutions and networking thru Data Mapping, Outreach Email Campaigns and Digital Marketing

  • Business productivity using platforms such as Google's Cloud security & AI G Suite (Now called Workspace), Microsoft Office 365, REI Master- REI Cloud, Gateway Console, ADL Software, REIQ Forms

  • Partnership interface.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) - Australian National University, Canberra

  • Certificate IV in Property (Real Estate) - Property Training Queensland

  • Train the Trainer - TAFE

  • Instructional Skills - TAFE

  • Multilingual: Chinese/Japanese Kanji (3000+ characters), Indonesian, Thai, French. (Vietnamese -basic).

Training Course Development

The following course material is available for use/modification under Creative Commons Licence 4.0 International:

Cross Cultural Management Background:

  • South Vietnam 1967-8 (547.51 days)

  • Belgium-France 5 yrs; Indonesia 2 yrs; Thailand 3 yrs Cocos Islands* 2 yrs

Diplomatic Postings; *Secondment to successfully navigate/deliver the UN Vote on the Act of Self Determination for the Territory

  • JCUNQ (Townsville) - International Student Coordinator 1989-91

Robyn Grieve

Principal Associate

Robyn, also, has "Walked the Talk":

  • Chairperson of a BC Committee in a high rise apartment block (dealing with under performing building manager);

  • Management Rights owner/operator - Multi Dwelling Units, gated community estates as well as relief management;

  • Restricted Builder licensed - with a passion for apartment renovation/value adding and presentation.

Her passion is Best Practice focused on quality control, office procedure, compliance and trust accounting software applications (REI Master REI Cloud), grounds/landscaping maintenance. Her particular skill sets:

  • Program delivery

  • Conflict resolution

  • Managing Under Cross Cultural Differences (Co-Course Designer Asian Awareness)

  • NRAS Administration

  • Off the Plan acquisition, negotiation and set up for clients