We maintain two domains: (i) WiFIT (Consultancy) (ii) RUM Support (a Knowledge Sharing Initiative)

Paul Malone

As former building managers, we understand the interface between asset management, accountability/service obligations, business productivity and residential strata community living.

Our experience in guiding Resident Unit Managers (RUMs) to embrace the above has led to tangible business outcomes.
This includes profitability; trust and value adding at Point of Sale for
all stakeholders particularly lot owners/investors.

Paul is a Sinophile and Management Rights specialist.

Involved in Management Rights since 1997 - Resident Unit Manager Holiday, Permanent, Corporate Letting complexes (list provided on request).

This "Hands On" experience is underpinned by a holistic approach to:

  • Compliance - audit, privacy, tenancies, by laws, OH&S, care taking/leasing

  • Risk Management - development of procedures manuals

  • Human Resources Development: Best Practice, Change Management, Client Relations Management (CRM)

  • Trust account/reservation systems

  • IT - Passionate about communications networking, content management websites, wifi solutions and networking thru Data Mapping, Outreach Email Campaigns and Digital Marketing

  • Business productivity using platforms such as Google's Cloud security & AI G Suite (Now called Workspace), Microsoft Office 365, REI Master- REI Cloud, Gateway Console, ADL Software, REIQ Forms

  • Partnership interface.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) - Australian National University, Canberra

  • Certificate IV in Property (Real Estate) - Property Training Queensland

  • Train the Trainer - TAFE

  • Instructional Skills - TAFE

  • Multilingual: Chinese/Japanese Kanji (3000+ characters), Indonesian, Thai, French. (Vietnamese -basic).

Training Course Development

The following course material is available for use/modification under Creative Commons Licence 4.0 International:

Cross Cultural Management Background:

  • South Vietnam 1967-8 (547.51 days)

  • Belgium-France 5 yrs; Indonesia 2 yrs; Thailand 3 yrs Cocos Islands* 2 yrs

Diplomatic Postings; *Secondment to successfully navigate/deliver the UN Vote on the Act of Self Determination for the Territory

  • JCUNQ (Townsville) - International Student Coordinator 1989-91

Robyn Grieve

Principal Associate

Robyn, also, has "Walked the Talk":

  • Chairperson of a BC Committee in a high rise apartment block (dealing with under performing building manager);

  • Management Rights owner/operator - Multi Dwelling Units, gated community estates as well as relief management;

  • Restricted Builder licensed - with a passion for apartment renovation/value adding and presentation.

Her passion is Best Practice focused on quality control, office procedure, compliance and trust accounting software applications (REI Master REI Cloud), grounds/landscaping maintenance. Her particular skill sets:

  • Program delivery

  • Conflict resolution

  • Managing Under Cross Cultural Differences (Co-Course Designer Asian Awareness)

  • NRAS Administration

  • Off the Plan acquisition, negotiation and set up for clients